What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Introduction Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a subset of computer science.Computer Science is
one of the fastest-growing careers. The theories and
practices of computer science are always used for developing
Artificial Intelligence Systems.

Artificial Intelligence refers to the Intelligence of Machines. It is
the combination of Natural Intelligence of humans and machines.

The machines perform functions like learning, planning,
reasoning, and problem-solving. Human intelligence is given
to machines to perform operations and it is most probably the
fastest growing development in the world of technology.

artificial intelligence

Many Experts believe that Artificial Intelligence could solve
major challenges and handles situations. Furthermore, These
systems have limited memory and they are capable of using past
experiences to inform future ones.

One of the good examples is self-driving cars.
The cars have decision-making systems.The car makes actions like
changing lanes and following signals, these
actions come from observations. There is no permanent storage
of these observations.

The essential level of artificial intelligence has a sense of self. They
have awareness, consciousness, and emotions. Obviously, such
a type of technology does not exist. It is certainly a revolution. The
theory of mind refers to understand others. An Artificial
Intelligence understands that humans have thoughts, feelings, and
expectations for how to be treated.
Some examples of artificial intelligence impact our daily lives
today. These include Digital Assistants like Alexa, FaceID on
iPhones and ride-hailing apps like Uber.
Artificial intelligence now plays a significant role in our decisions
and lifestyle and it is helping humans become more productive
and helping us like anything.

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