How to Create a Bootable Pendrive

Bootable Pendrive

If you want to know “How to Create a Bootable Pendrive / USB HDD ” without installing any additional software in the system please follow the below simple steps, in the IT world everyone must know, how to make a Pendrive or External hard disk bootable for day to day IT admin activities easier. IT administrators use this for operating system image deployments, software deployments, file backup purposes, and many more.

Nowadays for faster deployments most organizations using External USB harddisks to Install operating system images (Here O.S image means, the operating system comes with some basic required software, such as ms office, Adobe reader, skype, Microsoft teams …etc..etc..)

We can make the bootable USB, in few simple steps.

Connect your USB PENDRIVE / hard disk to laptop or pc and open “command prompt ” from the Windows start menu.

In the command prompt window, type Diskpart and hit enter(It is not case sensitive )

Bootable pendrive
Diskpart for bootable page

Enter the below commands line by line:

list disk ( you can see Volumes list, Disk 0 is system Hard disk & Disk 1 is external USB drive )

select disk x (where “X” is the disk number )

Clean ( This command removes all partition information from the selected disk)

create partition primary (This creates a primary partition on the disk)

select part 1 ( To select the primary partition)

active (used to activate the partition)

format fs = NTFS quick ( use this to format the selected partition with NTFS)

assign (To assign a letter to the formatted drive),

finally, Type exit to quit from the DISKPART session.

Now your Bootable Pendrive is ready to use and you can copy bootable files in it to start using it.

Please see the below video for a quick understanding

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