How to Find lost Android Phone

Android phone

How to Find a Lost Android Phone? Is your phone stolen? And get it back as soon as possible!

Lost Android phone? Is your Android phone stolen? It is a stressful experience. No worries, use Android’s built-in tools to track down your missing phone.

Just Go through all of the steps.

Create a secure lock screen. Turn on passcode and fingerprint authentication. Do yourself another favor and don’t use Face recognition on your Android device. For most Android devices, Facial recognition technology can be easily tricked as simple as a photo of your face. 

In settings under the security, the section creates your Passcode and sets up fingerprint authentication. I realize scanning a fingerprint or entering a PIN code every time you want to use your phone can be inconvenient, but the idea of someone having access to your photos, banking apps, email, and the rest of your personal info is downright scary.

Set up Google’s Find My Device service:

Any time you sign in to an Android device with a Google account, Find My Device is automatically turned on. Make sure Find My Device is enabled on your Android phone by opening the Settings app and going to Security & Location there you can find Find My Device.

Alternatively, if your device doesn’t have a Security and Location option then go to Google under Security options, you can see Find My Device. Find My Device should be turned ON. If not, slide the switch to the ON position. 

However, most recently, Samsung announced a new service called SmartThings Find. The new feature works like Apple’s Find My app by crowdsourcing the location of a lost device, even if it’s offline, but telling nearby Galaxy devices to look for its Bluetooth signal and report its location if it’s found. All of which, of course, is done anonymously.

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