How to Free Up Disk Space on windows 10 After Upgrading to Windows 11

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How to Free Up Disk Space on Windows 10 After Upgrading to Windows 11

Free up disk space on Windows? In a few steps, you can upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 easily. However, that also means all your system junk and temporary files are moved to Windows 11, It could make the experience of bugs.

Microsoft made it easier for general users to access the early release of Windows 11. So if you want to remove all those leftover files from Windows 10 and free up disk space after upgrading to Windows 11, follow the below simple steps.

The first two methods are similar but accessible via different interfaces, and the last one lets you remove all the leftover files created by apps. From the  below steps, you can do it easily

The steps are given below…

Step 1: Clean Up Junk Files via Windows Settings

 First of all, Open windows settings by pressing the “Windows + I” – Here, navigate to “System then choose  Storage“.

Step 2: Next, click on “Temporary files“

Step 3: The Windows 11 desktop will take some time to process all the files, within a minute, it will display all the files that you can remove to free up disk space.

It suggests un-checking “Downloads” as you might have some valuable files over there.

Step 4: Then, look for “Previous Windows Installation” and “Windows Update Clean-up” and select them as well.

These take up most of your disk space, so make sure they are ticked off before you proceed further.

Step 5:  Now, click the “Remove files” button. All the temporary and leftover files from Windows 10 will be deleted immediately.

a huge chunk of storage will be there on your Windows 11 desktop.

NOTE: These files are safe to remove, but after deleting them, you can’t go back to Windows 10 seamlessly.


By Mounika J,
Team Bhebo

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