How to remove date from the WordPress Blog post

How to remove date from the WordPress Blog post

In this article, you will get to know ” How to remove the date from the WordPress Blog post” and from its URL.

whenever you create a new article or new blog post in WordPress, it displays the date and time stamp in the post. If someone is visiting your post, they may think it is an outdated post and posted long back.

Due to this reason, you can hide the date from the blog posts. Please follow below simple steps to remove the Date, you can also watch the video from here

Go to settings from the WordPress Dashboard

Select General Tab and from the Date format options remove the content in the Custom field and save the changes.

Now refresh the page and check any post from your website, The date will be removed now….

Also, Remove Date from the WordPress blog post URL

After blog creation, if you verify your post, by default it displays the date in the URL. Weblink doesn’t look good with the date & month in it.

So please follow below simple steps to remove it.

Go to WordPress settings and select “Permalinks

Now select the” post name ” from the list and save the Changes.

Refresh the page and verify any blog from your website,

now date automatically removed from your web page. If you want to know more about WordPress tricks, you can get them from

For more details on this, please watch below videos

Remove date in WordPress post

Remove Date from WordPress blog post URL

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