How to reset your kindle E-Reader

kindle E-Reader

How to reset your kindle E-Reader

Reset Kindle e-reader ?, If you facing any issue regarding resetting your kindle. Look, restarting
your Kindle did not work and you still want to proceed with a factory reset of your Kindle reader?
Here, the process to do this is quite straightforward.
You will lose all your Kindle e-books and settings temporarily. If you are determined to fix your e-reader?

Follow the steps below to factory reset your Kindle!
1. On the Kindle’s home screen, tap the kebab menu (three vertical dots menu) the icon is most often located at the top-right.
2. From the dropdown menu, go to “settings
3. On the settings screen you can see the Kebab menu on the top right once again. It will lead to another dropdown menu.
There, tap “Reset” from the available options.
4. then you can see a confirmation box, informing you of your choice and it says that you will lose all your Kindle data.
If you agree to that, Tap “Yes” to proceed.

Now, Your Kindle will reboot, and the factory reset process will begin.

It won’t take a lot of time. Once it is complete, you will be greeted by Kindle’s welcome screen. Furthermore, all your deleted e-books and other data will be restored once you link your Amazon account to the device again. Set up your device!

I hope you would be able to reset your Kindle reader from the above steps.
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