IBM Lotus notes failed to start

IBM Lotus notes failed to start

IBM lotus notes failed to start ? Here is the solution

Sometimes when you launch lotus notes it will not open, This tutorial will show you a step-by-step procedure if IBM Lotus notes failed to start.

IBM lotus notes error

Open File Preferences Basic Notes Client Configuration from the lotus notes and Uncheck the box “Enable scheduled local agents” and click OK.

If you are facing this issue only when using the My Attachments option, then reinstall this option and ensure your antivirus is up to date.
start the IBM Lotus Notes Basic Configuration from your desktop.

If it is opening in basic mode but not in Standard mode then rename the metadata folder
Go to C:\notes\data\workspace from the windows system(<username>/lotus/notes/data/workspace on Linux) and rename the “.metadata” folder to “old_metadata and verify.

Most of the time it fixes the issue, if not reset the lotus notes configuration to its default settings from the below steps.

Delete Cache.ndk & Log.nsf in c:/Notes/Data and rename below files
bookmark.nsfdesktop8.ndk, and names.nsf files in c:/Notes/Data from windows (Ex: Rename the file to bookmark.old)

Open command prompt from the run and type notes.exe -RPARAMS -resetconfig -clean  and press Enter.
This starts your lotus notes automatically

If still not working please re-install lotus notes and restart your system.

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