Interview Questions and Answers Set 2

Android Interview Questions and Answers Set 2

AlertDialog: an alert dialog box and supports 0 to 3 buttons and a list of selectable elements. ProgressDialog: an extension of AlertDialog and you may add buttons to it. It shows a progress wheel or a progress bar. DatePickerDialog: used for selecting a date by the user. TimePickerDialog: used for selecting time by the user.

12.What are Dalvik Executable files?

11. Which dialog boxes can you use in your Android application?

Dalvik Executable files have .dex extension and are zipped into a single .apk file on the device.

13.Define Activity application component.

It is used to provide interactive screen to the users. It can contain many user interface components. A typical Android application consists of multiple activities that are loosely bound to each other. Android developer has to define a main activity that is launched on the application startup.

14.How does Android system track the applications?

Android system assigns each application a unique ID that is called Linux user ID. This ID is used to track each application.

15.An Android application needs to access device data e.g SMS messages, camera etc. At what stage user needs to grant the permissions?

Application permission must be granted by the user at install time.

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