Introduction to the Machine Learning

Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence and Computer science. It is the
study of making machines like humans in their behavior, decisions by giving
them and the ability to learn and develop their own programs.

It is based on algorithms and those algorithms help to perform important tasks by
generalizing the examples. There are many different types of machine learning
algorithms, like classification, regression, decision tree and deep learning etc.,

The learning process of the system is automated and improves based on the
experiences of the machines throughout the process. Good quality of the data is
fed to the machines. Different algorithms are used to build new models and to
train the machines.

It is different from traditional programming. In traditional programming,
we give input data and well-written programs into a machine to get
output. When it comes to Machine Learning input data along with output will

give to the machine and it works output program for itself.
So, Today Machine learning has more attention, it can automate many tasks. There are various
applications of it.
Ex: Automatic speech recognition, IndustrialRobotics, and security access control, etc.,
Nowadays, A number of websites offer the option to chat with customer
support and one of the best examples is the Google search engine it uses machine
learning to improve the search results. The algorithms work in the backend to
improve the search results.

Another example is the YouTube channel, if you are searching for some topics on Youtube it gives related suggestions to Watch Next. Similar way we have different examples in the real world.

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