How to fix Notepad is not responding issue

notepad is not responding

Is your Notepad is not responding or freezing always? we have a simple solution for this issue.

we use notepad very often in the systems to capture some information quickly, but some people maintain huge data in the Notepad, due to this sometimes when they try to save any data, it takes a lot of time to respond and keeps freezes. And also this issue occurs due to corrupted plugins or incompatibility. 

Notepad keeps freezes in the following situations:

When opening any new or existing notepad file or when saving data in any notepad file, in that case, we need to reset notepad settings to it’s default settings, below are the few easy steps to fix this issue.

Solution:  Need to clear notepad Cache from the Registry, please follow below steps

Step1:  open registry editor from the Run box from your windows operating system, for that, Open the run box ( windows + r) and type Regedit and hit enter.

Step 2: Now from the registry window, go to the following path as shown below

Notepad not responding

Step3: Right-click on the notepad folder and click on Delete.

Notepad not responding

Step4: Now restart your system to apply the changes.

If still notepad is not responding, please clear all system cache files like temp, %temp%, recycle bin, Disk cleanup, and finally open notepad and try to add some data and save it.

Hope this gives you the resolution.

Anil V
Bhebo Team

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