How to fix SharePoint file locked for editing error

share point file locked for editing

SharePoint file locked for editing? Sometimes when you open a file from SharePoint, you will get the message as ” this file is locked for editing”.

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When several end users work simultaneously on the same file, all those end users need to use the Sharepoint Webapp option.

Sometimes end-user opens any file from SharePoint (for example in Excel), the error appears. It is possible that the lock remains even after closing Excel.

Please follow the below steps to resolve this issue.

  • Check that everyone uses the Webapp option while opening the file from SharePoint, the lock will refresh every time when the same user is trying to access it again. He/she needs to stay out of the file for 10 minutes.
  • Make sure that the file is properly checked-in or not. If not, refresh the page and try to check the file again.
  • Delete the local copy of the file from the cache folder of the concerned user.  (Access to the user’s PC is required.)
  • Close all the instances of file type opened in the system.
    • Example: If the file type is Excel, then close all the Excel files currently opened. Also, kill the specific process from the Task Manager.
  • Last workaround:
    • Ask the person who locked the file to reboot the computer
    • Save the file locally and upload the file again
  • If this did not work : 

CAUTION: Use this solution as a last option.  It can give inconsistencies to the members of the Sharepoint space. So communication between them is of utmost importance

EXAMPLE: a colleague is absent for a long period of time

  1. Select the document
  2. Click on check-in
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3. To retain your check out after check-in, then select NO.
But if the end-user wants to edit/check in the document immediately  then select YES

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4. Click OK to override the checkout. Now when you open the share point file you will not get the message as ” SharePoint file locked for editing ” you can open and work on it easily.

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