Skype for business calls dropping after 30 seconds

Skype for business calls dropping after 30 seconds

If your Skype for business calls dropping after 30 seconds or less than a minute then, please follow below simple steps to fix this issue.

Cause: If the user profile is not synchronized properly with your Skype application, you get this error message.

Solution :

Step 1:
Sign out from the skype application from your system and kill the skype for business process in the task manager.
Go to Start Menu and select Task Manager
Right-click on skype application from the “processes tab” and select End task.
Now Skype background processes will terminate completely.

Step 2:
Open the below path from your system and delete ” SIP & Tracing” folders


After deletion, please restart your system and launch the skype and verify the status .

Hope this fixes your skype issue…

NOTE: ” Appdata” folder will be in hidden mode by default, so please check the hidden items option from the VIEW menu to display the hidden folder.

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