Cloud PC

cloud models

What are Different Cloud computing models

August 4, 2021

Cloud computing models are divided into 2 categories¬† 1.)Service Models 2.)Deployment Models 1.) SERVICE MODELS Below are the 3 different types of service models¬† IAAS : Infrastructure as a service means leasing the physical Infrastructure and hosting our services on top of it. All the physical hardware is maintained by the vendor (AWS, AZURE, Gcloud, […]

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Windows 365 Cloud PC

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC

July 26, 2021

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC? Windows 365 is a cloud PC that is a more advanced version of Windows 11, You can access it from any device like mobile, tab, system, Microsoft surface pro,, and log on to Cloud PC. For information technology, how as a fully managed service, just how easy it is […]

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