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Skype for Business

Skype for business contact search issue? We can find our team members from the same organization from the skype for business messenger application, it is an awesome tool for internal teams communication purposes which is devolved by Microsoft, earlier it was named as Microsoft communicator and link.

Sometimes when we try to search contacts on skype for business applications, we can not find anything and we may get an error. If you log out from skype and re-login also, you may see the same issue.
In that case please follow below simple steps to fix this issue

Error: Sometimes, if you try to search any contact name in SFB (Skye for business), you may get a “no results found error ”


Sign out from the skype application and make sure it is not running in the background. To check this please open task manager from the laptop taskbar, and go to processes and verify.

If you found that is still running, please end the process and follow below simple steps

For Skype for business 2016 version

Please open the below path from your windows operating system

For skype 2013 version

For 2010 version

Delete the following files and restart the Skype application.

  • Galcontacts.db
  • CoreContact.cache
  • PersonalLISDB.cache
  • Mfugroup.cache
  • PresencePhoto.cache
  • ABS_<sign-in name>.cache
  • galcontacts.db.idx

Once you delete the files, please wait for 20 to 30 minutes for skype contacts re-synchronization.
Once the synchronization is done please verify contacts from the skype for business application.

If still unable to see contacts, once repair the skype application from the control panel (open control panel – program and features – search skype for business application in the list and click on Repair )

and restart the system and verify. Hope this fixes your issue

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