What are Different Cloud computing models

cloud models

Cloud computing models are divided into 2 categories 

1.)Service Models 2.)Deployment Models


Below are the 3 different types of service models 

Cloud service models

Cloud computing models


Infrastructure as a service means leasing the physical Infrastructure and hosting our services on top of it.

All the physical hardware is maintained by the vendor (AWS, AZURE, Gcloud, Oracle..) and we (Administrators)are responsible for configuring virtual layers (virtual servers, switches, network, storage load balancers…etc).



Platform as a service, which means you can’t customize, Here some services are available readymade.

Ex: SQL Database, if you need a Database server for your project purpose you need not to separately buy it and install it, the Vendor will install it and we manage it.



Software as service, delivering software applications over the internet to others. Readily available Software.

Ex: Visual Studio, Google docs, 0365, Gmail, Dropbox, youtube.



The deployment model is also divided into 3 types

Cloud Deployment model


Public Cloud:

The data center is Owned, operated & managed by 3rd party Cloud vendor (AWS, Azure, Google, oracle.. etc.,)

Anyone can gain access, all the services can be accessed over the internet using a web browser

Ex: Gmail, Google, Amazon. in…etc …etc


Private Cloud: 

Owned and managed by a Single business or Org, it cannot be used by everybody

Some companies to maintain data privacy, some cloud hardware devices will be shipped to customers by a cloud vendor, so that private organizations will maintain data in their data centers.

            Ex: MS Azure Stack => It is a private cloud offering from MS

Hybrid Cloud:

It is a combination of both public, private and on-premise, it is a 3-tier application.  Hybrid means few resources are on-premise and few are in the cloud.

Ex: Front end hosted by AZURE

            Middle tier hosted by private cloud

            The database tier is hosted On-premise.

Below are different cloud technology providers

Different Cloud Technology providers




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