What are Microsoft Azure geographies and Regions?

Microsoft geographies

Azure geographies, Regions, and regional pairs



Azure Regions are a grouping of 1 or 2 or 3 data centers, if you have at least one data center in a specific location then it is called Region. Whatever the resource you created in AZURE, that will be placed in a Region. You can see the different Microsoft Azure regions in the below screenshot.

We need to prefer the region which is closer to the users because the cost is not the same for all regions.

East US Datacenter => Most of the AZURE services are available here, If Microsoft starts any new services in the market that will be hosted here 1st

                        Central US

Azure Regions


Regional Pairs

2 regions together are called a Regional Pair, a regional pair consisting of 2 regions within the same geography.


In case of any updations performed by MS – they will do the updates one after the other
In case of Disaster, MS will bring one region in a pair. If one region is down we can get the data from the Other region.

Availability Zones

       Multiple DCs in the same Regions is called “Availability zones”


        Collection of Regions is called geography

Ex: Americas => East US, West US, Central US, Northcentral US regions ( here Americas is called Geography).
Asia Pacific => East Asia, South Asia, Central India, South India, West India ( here Asia pacific is Geography).


AZURE region structure

Below is one example screenshot of azure regional pair

Azure regional pairs


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