What are Microsoft AZURE subscriptions ?

AZURE subscriptions

Microsoft AZURE subscriptions :


AZURE is a Cloud Service from Microsoft, this becomes very popular in the market. Microsoft is increasing the number of Datacenters in all regions globally for better efficiency. This is the world’s second-largest Cloud Service Provider. In order to use Microsoft Azure services, we need to have a valid subscription, here a subscription is nothing but an agreement between you and Microsoft.

Subscription provides access to host services in AZURE, Below are different AZURE subscriptions

  • Free trial,
  • AZURE pass (For specific Duration),
  • MSDN,
  • Azure sponsorship-related subscription,
  • CSP(Cloud service provider),
  • EA

Subscription Considerations:

  • Subscriptions are global,
  • Each subscription has its own administrator
  • A single account can be an admin in multiple subscriptions

Note: If you take a free subscription whenever you configure anything for the lab purpose please make sure to delete it once practical done other if you forgot to clear after the free month you may be chargeable for your configured services.

Create a free account before your Organization is migrating to the cloud Platform, Free account is for 30 days validity with a 200 $ limit.

Within this duration, you configure and Test all the required services for your Organization.

Please login to AZURE Portal with a Microsoft email id, Don’t worry if you have do not have Microsoft email ID, you can also log in with your Gmail account . Signup with your email id and create your free account and take the required subscription to configure your services in the MS AZURE cloud.

After you log in to the portal, please type subscriptions  in the AZURE search portal

Azure subscription


Select the required options from the below list

AZURE Subscriptions


Pay as you go means, if your configured servers/services are not in use by anyone in the company, In that period it is not chargeable. This means you need not pay anything if no one is accessing the server or website on the weekend i.e., SAT & SUN. Microsoft costs you only when you use them or else not.


Anil Vanamali,
Team Bhebo.

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