What is Azure resource manager

Microsoft Azure

what is the Azure resource manager?

Azure Subscription has 2 Administrative models

  1. ASM model (Azure service management model), 2. ARM model (Azure resource manager)


Azure administrative models

Azure Resource Manager

  •  Azure Resource Manager is a deployment model within the azure platform, which is responsible for provisioning the resources
  • ARM simplifies the deployment and management of resources by providing API’s
  • ARM supports JSON templates that define one more resource to deploy to a resource group and dependencies between the deployed resources.
  • This lets you manage permissions by defining roles and adding users or groups to the roles through RBAC.(Role-based access control)


Deployment models to manage resources in AZURE

 Classic Deployment Model, 2. Resource Manager Model

1.Classic Deployment Model:

AZURE was started in 2010, it came with classic deployment initially,

All the resources created will be Independent.

The resource can be created for the purpose of specific

Project, Client, location, application. Here resource nothing but NIC, disks, nsgs, public IP, VM…etc

Ex: In the classic model When you create resources in azure there is no grouping available, this grouping is available in the Resource Manager model.


2.Resource Manager Model:           

            In 2014 Microsoft introduced the resource model. Resource group means it is a folder or container or directory. We can’t create resources without a resource group, if you try to create/configure a resource it will ask you to select a resource group.

Nesting of resource groups is not possible, which means we can’t create a new resource group in any existing Resource group also we can’t change the name of the existing resource Group.

Resources from One resource group can access resources in another resource group.

Ex: If you are working on an SAP project you will need resources related to SAP only and you keep all sap-related resources in one place that is called a resource group.


  1. Grouping of resources are available here,
  2. It supports ARM templates, ARM template (Azure resource Manager Template) is just like an image, which can be used for automation purposes and we can redeploy the same services using this template in multiple systems.
  3. Tag: tag is for the identification or to understand why we create a resource group for which purpose is this created

Resource Groups

Here subscription is the top-level Container, resource groups are created in subscription “Resources “are placed within the “resource group “.

How does resource manager work?

Resource manager

Ex:  If a client makes a request to manage a VM resource, the resource manager connects to Microsoft. compute resource provider

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