What is DevOps ? | Introduction to the DevOps

What is DevOps? Introduction to DevOps

Nowadays everywhere you can listen to this term The word DevOps is a combination of two words development and operations. DevOps is not a tool, it is not software and it is not a programming language. It is moreover a philosophy or a mindset the way how you take your product or the application or whatever the website you are designing, and taking that product or website which is used by millions of people.

DevOps is a software development strategy that means bringing the ability to Development and operations. It is a software development approach that involves continuous development, testing, integration, deployment, and continuous monitoring of the software through the development cycle.


This entire process has a variety of ways that you can go through with DevOps, it is one of that mindset and one of those working ways to produce things from here the development side into the production stage so
DevOps is a concept that is used in the application lifecycle management and making sure that your development team is actually relaxed after deployment and your operation team handles all the servers and working in sync with each other.

The development team involves in writing code, designing new features, and testing. Whereas the Operations team deals with managing servers, scaling issues, security, and backups.

Once you get the requirement from the client you will start planning your application. after planning we need to start writing code. code builds the life cycle of it. Once the application is built it will be tested on test servers. Finally, it is deployed in Prod servers and continuously monitored by monitoring tools.

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GIT& git Hub, JIRA, SVN: GIT is the Best in the market, you can write the code using it.

Maven, Apache, Gradle: These tools help to download binaries, libraries, and certain packages.

Selenium & TestNG: Selenium is an automation testing tool. It is used to test web pages, web applications not only desktop applications.

TestNG supports selenium, it can be used along with selenium.

Jenkin, Bamboo, Hudson: These tools are used for the integration, in those, Jenkin is the best tool for DevOps.

Docker & Cabinet: These tools are used for Deployment, they deploy in the form of containers.

1. Puppet 2. Chef 3.ansible 4.saltstack: Configuration Management tools.

Nagios, Splunk, ELK stack: These are monitoring tools, Splunk is the paid one ELK stack is open source. Nagios is old but it is popular.


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