What is Microsoft Azure? Overview of Microsoft AZURE

Microsoft AZUre

What is Microsoft Azure? Overview of AZURE


  • Microsoft Azure is a cloud technology that is provided by Microsoft company.
  • Microsoft is a multi-tenant provider, which means within the same Datacenter it gives support to 1000s of people, here the customer is called the tenant.
  • Microsoft Datacenters are located throughout the world in different regions.
  • Overall, worldwide 60 + regions representing 140 countries Microsoft data centers are located.
  • In each region, multiple Datacenters are established. For the region, max 3 data centers not more than that.


Benefits of Microsoft AZURE:

  • Easy to adopt, anyone can learn it easily and quickly.
    Payless with Azure, Ex: Microsoft has its own software like ms office, server, and clients os, my sql…etc.
    when you these services in azure you will get them lesser price when compared with other.
  • Windows Hybrid benefit, which means if we have an existing Microsoft Azure license we need not buy licenses for different server operating systems when you host those servers in Azure.
  • Reserved Instances also called RI

Ex: when you talk about the cost we have 3 things

Pay as you go also known as PAYG, 1 year RI, 3 years RI

Here 1 year RI means we are informing Microsoft that, we will be using this server for the next 1 year and we can get a discount also for 1-year subscription. Same as for 3 years RI subscription we can get more discount, below is the screenshot for pricing details


  • Hourly-based subscription charges.
    Ex: In a Day if you use azure services for 10 hours only 10 hrs charge will be taken not full day usage charges.
  • Extended security updates


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