What is Virtual Memory in windows 7/10

Virtual memory in Windows os

Virtual memory is a feature in Windows operating system, which is Volatile memory used as RAM (Random Access Memory ). We can use this memory as like RAM in our systems, using Hard disk space we can configure this Virtual memory.

When you are working on multiple tabs and RAM may runs low, Virtual Memory will move the data from it to a space called ‘” paging file “. This process allows the RAM to be freed up so that the computer can complete the task.

With this, systems perform quickly with multitasks also. Please follow the below steps to configure virtual Memory in the windows operating system.

Open Advanced system settings from the system properties in Windows operating system

Select settings option from the Advanced tab as shown below

from the window select the Advanced tab and click on the change option

Virtual memory in windows


Now give the required Hard disk space for Virtual memory
Ex: If your current RAM is 4 GB, you can give 8 GB as your virtual memory.

Once entered required space size click on set and Ok.

If you want to know more about the Windows Operating system’s latest tricks & tips, please click here.

Please access the below link to watch the video for a better understanding.

What is virtual memory and how to configure it

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